ATM PIN-Compromise Checklist
ATM Skimming Checklist

As ATM crime becomes ever-more organized and technically sophisticated, those tasked with investigating ATM fraud and ATM security attacks need increasingly effective tools and skills to properly understand the technologies and risks involved. Likewise, those tasked with developing new ATM Fraud and Security detection and prevention solutions, and those considering purchasing new solutions, need a comprehensive way of assessing the likely benefits as well as the residual risks that will remain.

Comprehensive characterization checklists are important tools when assessing ATM fraud and ATM security threats. The vendor-independent ATM checklists developed by DFR Risk Management Ltd help their clients throughout the ATM life-cycle from solution conception, development and deployment to decommissioning and disposal. Some of the benefits include:

Recognize and understand the many technologies and methods used in ATM crime
Assess the likely effectiveness of new ATM security and ATM fraud prevention solutions
Identification of residual risks
Enabling accurate and consistent incident recording and reporting
Facilitate compliance with the most rigorous of ATM security policies and procedures
Individual checklists have been developed to cover almost every type of ATM fraud and security threat reported today, as well those predicted to emerge in the future with the criminal adaption of new and emerging technologies. Some examples include:

ATM Physical Attack Checklist (APA)

ATM Cash Trapping Checklist (ACT)

ATM Deposit Fraud Checklist (ADP)

ATM Dispenser Manipulation Checklist (ADT)

ATM Card Trapping & Card Theft Checklist (ALT)

ATM PIN Compromise Checklist (APC)

ATM Skimming & Systems Compromise Checklist (ASK)

Click the following two buttons to see examples of extracts from our suite of checklists:

ATM PIN-Compromise Checklist
ATM Skimming Checklist