Our services are tailored to the specific needs of our clients to ensure only practical and cost-effective solutions are recommended which address the client’s needs and fit comfortably with the strategic direction and culture of the client’s business.

Education & Training

Knowledge-transfer is recognized as a key driver in the continuing success of any organization. Through our range of training offers from one-to-one sessions and seminars to major conferencing events, DFR Risk Management will equip your personnel with the knowledge needed to maintain the security and integrity of the Self-Service channel, whether they come from a law-enforcement, security, operations or commercial background.

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Incident Response

Often attacks against ATMs and other transaction terminals develop rapidly over a very short time-frame. If not completely and quickly understood, and, if left unchecked, the damage, both financially and to the reputation of the client’s brand, may be beyond repair. DFR Risk Management offer both remote and on-site incident response and crisis management in the time-frame required to reduce risk.

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Risk Assessment

Identifying security gaps and residual risk across an existing network of terminals is critically important. Risk assessments quantify the risk of future attacks and may also identify attacks that have previously taken place, but have either eluded detection or have not been adequately acted upon. DFR Risk Management perform risk assessments for our clients to identify such elements warranting attention and suggest appropriate corrective action.

DFR Risk Management use their extensive global knowledge and experience of ATM fraud and security attack methods and proprietary tools to establish a framework and execute hands-on evaluation of the technical security solutions provided by ATM vendors and third party suppliers. This approach is effectively an ATM specific ‘penetration test’ or ‘health check’ which either identifies areas that are vulnerable to current and emerging threats or provides a level of confidence in the overall security of the ATM estate. While the framework is tailored to the specific environment being assessed, typical activities range from assessing the effectiveness of anti-skimming solutions to evaluating the ease of compromising the ATM cabinet to install ATM malware or attach black boxes to jackpot the dispenser.

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New Product Assessment

Investment in new products and solutions is often an expensive undertaking with multiple internal customer requirements to be balanced prior to final commissioning. DFR Risk Management provide new product assessments based upon years of experience and delivered in a completely objective and vendor-independent manner. Residual risk and corrective actions are identified to increase the likelihood of a successful new development or deployment.

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Prevention is often more desirable than cure. Effective preventative measures, however, may be overlooked if they are not driven by excellent, timely and relevant intelligence. DFR Risk Management combine great insight into emerging threats with an actionable approach.

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ATM Business Continuity Management

DFR Risk Management provides scalable Business Continuity Management services which can be easily incorporated into your existing Business Continuity Plan. Our services include education and training for backup staff, remote management of ATM and Self-Service terminal fraud and security incidents, through to enterprise-wide risk management solutions delivered by our network of trusted subject matter experts. In times of crisis, having pre-established communication channels and protocols are of critical importance. Access to expert resources, remotely located from your in-house teams can significantly mitigate threats to the continuity of your operations.

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Extended Services

One of the many benefits of engaging external consultants is that the consultants will be truly expert in their field. Recognizing that some engagements will require more than a single set of skills, DFR Risk Management work closely with our trusted third-party associates to provide a tailored and extended service offering, while maintaining ownership for the success of the engagement.

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