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ATM & Self-Service Terminal Deployers

Whether you are an established retail bank, an independent terminal deployer, public transport hub or other purchaser of ATM and Self-Service terminals and solutions, DFR Risk Management can enhance your own in-house teams’ expertise in understanding the specific fraud and security risks when a new product is to be commissioned and deployed. We carefully assess new products offered by your suppliers and compare the benefits against the residual fraud and security risks that remain, and identify new risks that may be introduced. We support and augment your own due diligence activities which are key to protecting your investment, brand image and, ultimately, the confidence of your customers and the success of your business.

ATM & Self-Service Terminal Suppliers

DFR Risk Management identify the strengths and weaknesses in product design at every stage of the product development cycle, but, preferably, in the early concept and prototype stages. Whether your product is completely new or is, perhaps, a mature product being refreshed for new geographical, vertical or horizontal markets, we will help you increase your confidence that your product and solution developments include features and exclude design flaws so that known and emerging fraud and security threats are appropriately and cost-effectively addressed.

Law Courts / Legal Profession

With the Courts’ approval, DFR Risk Management provide expert witness statements and testimony related to ATM and Self-Service fraud, security and related criminal and civil legal disputes. Our expert witness statements, reviews, analysis, reports and presentations to the legal profession and to the Court, provide a clear, objective and unambiguous understanding of the evidence submitted.

Law Enforcement

DFR Risk Management enable law-enforcement agencies to more fully understand and investigate technically sophisticated fraud and security attacks involving Self-Service and ATM terminals. Training is provided which includes instruction in how to inspect an ATM internally and externally and how to differentiate between normal and unusual human behaviour around an ATM. Guidance is offered to what logical and physical evidence should be seized or requested which will aid a successful investigation into ATM and Self-Service terminal fraud and security attacks. In preparation for interrogation or interview, assistance is provided in identifying which specific technical questions the officer may wish to ask the suspect or witness. Support is also provided with the interpretation of responses.

Government & Regulators

Governments, Central Banks, Monetary Authorities and other regulators have a public duty to provide and maintain a safe operating environment for citizens and visitors. A country’s domestic and international reputation may be negatively impacted by the prevalence of Self-Service terminal and ATM crime. DFR Risk Management help you create a clear, practical and inclusive strategy encompassing prevention, detection, investigation and deterrence based upon world-class expertise and experience.

Sales & Service Teams

DFR Risk Management assist your field personnel in their understanding of the ethical ways in which to present your products and solutions, and help them set the correct level of expectation with your customers. We help your teams to protect and maintain the trust between supplier and customer that fosters a long-term positive relationship, even when there is demand for a silver bullet and pressure to meet sales targets. Your employees and representatives will be able to clearly understand, and be able to articulate, residual fraud and security risks in addition to the value of the solutions offered.