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Education and Training Packages
Thursday, 28 August 2014 00:00

Click here for Combating ATM Fraud & Security Threats, 4 Day Course Outline

Click here for Recent Course Evaluation & Student Feedback

DFR Risk Management provides extremely comprehensive training packages tailored to the training objectives of our clients. The depth of coverage and duration of our training courses are customized to the client’s requirements and typically range from half-day overview sessions to a four day in-depth analysis of criminal attack methods, trends and risk reduction measures.

Examples of subjects that are typically selected include:


Black Box Attacks & Malware

Theft of ATMs & Ram Raids

Card Data Compromise & Skimming

Theft from ATMs, Cutting and Safe-Breaking

PIN Compromise

Explosive (Gas & Solid) Attacks

Phishing, Vishing and Smsishing (Smishing)

Frontal Attacks

Sophisticated Terminal Compromise

Solutions & Residual Risks

Card Theft & Card Trapping

Vendor & Terminal Selection

Denomination Fraud

Consumer Education & Incident Response Plans

Leaving Transaction Live Fraud

Intelligence Resources & Tools

Cash Trapping (Claws) & Deposit Fraud

Crime and Legislation

Transaction Reversal Fraud

Investigation Tips & Guidelines


DFR Risk Management can deliver our training packages directly or in association with your existing training partner. The training courses can either be stand-alone or integrated within an existing training programme.

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Recent feedback from a 4 day training course titled Combating ATM Fraud:


"Highly advanced training with practical examples and well prepared to face the fraud challenge!"

"The course content is just perfect."

"This is a course that is relevant to all stake holders in the industry, not only banks, such as Law-enforcement agencies, ATM Vendors, etc."

"The course was great!"

"Exchange or getting information from other countries will help other organisations to improve their security."

"The Facilitator was inspiring."