DFR Risk Management provide global expertise in managing ATM and self-service terminal fraud and security threats.

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ATM & Self-Service Terminal Deployers

Whether you are an established retail bank, an independent terminal deployer, public transport hub or other purchaser of ATM and Self-Service terminals and solutions, DFR Risk Management can enhance..More

Government & Regulators

Governments, Central Banks, Monetary Authorities and other regulators have a public duty to provide and maintain a safe operating environment for citizens and visitors. A country’s domestic and international..More

Law Courts / Legal Profession

With the Courts’ approval, DFR Risk Management provide expert witness statements and testimony related to ATM and Self-Service fraud, security and related criminal and civil legal disputes. Our expert witness statements..More

Law Enforcement

DFR Risk Management enable law-enforcement agencies to more fully understand and investigate technically sophisticated fraud and security attacks involving Self-Service and ATM terminals. Training is provided..More

ATM & Self-Service Terminal Suppliers

DFR Risk Management identify the strengths and weaknesses in product design at every stage of the product development cycle, but, preferably, in the early concept and prototype stages…More

Sales & Service Teams

DFR Risk Management assist your field personnel in their understanding of the ethical ways in which to present your products and solutions, and help them set the correct level of expectation with your customers..More

ATM Business Continuity Management

DFR Risk Management provides scalable Business Continuity Management services which can be easily incorporated into your existing Business Continuity Plan…More

Our services cover:

  • Automated Teller Machines
  • Account Services Terminals
  • Deposit Terminals
  • Cash Recycling Terminals
  • Currency Exchange
  • Self Checkout Terminals
  • Self Check-in Terminals
  • Information Kiosks
  • Ticketing Terminals


“DFR Risk Management are world leaders in thought leadership around global ATM security. We value their contributions over many years to ATMIA and to our members through raising awareness of emerging threats and identifying best practices for reducing the risk of attacks against ATMs and self-service terminals. Douglas Russell was deservedly inducted as an ATM Industry Champion for outstanding long-term service to the protection of our industry”

Mike Lee, CEO, ATM Industry Association

Our services are driven by three key attributes of excellence:

root cause


successful fraud and security attacks are the end result of a complex set of interlinked events . Our deliberative, understanding of the modus operandi is fundamental in helping our clients maintain a successful business.

formative evaluation


Identifying solutions which can be implemented in the short, medium and long-term requires a creative and formative approach. We have the skills and experience to help our clients decide on the most suitable solutions.

support atm fraud and security global


fast and effective response to an emerging threat is imperative if financial exposure and reputational risk is to be reduced.    We respond quickly to our clients’ needs in the most appropriate and effective way possible.